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When Will started as a College Pro franchisee, it’s safe to say he had no idea just how much it would influence his future. Now, as a consultant, he uses his College Pro skills daily, and is so close with his network he’s even in business with some fellow alumni.

Education: Queen’s University, BSC (Eng)
Rookie Year: 2001 (turf: Oakville, ON)
Current Home: Toronto, ON

CP Story

Will’s College Pro story begins like many others; a university class talk. While he originally applied to window cleaning, he eventually signed a painting franchise agreement, having no idea what he had just gotten himself into. He ran his franchise for three years in Mississauga, and was a part time field advisor for his third year. He then signed on as a general manager in his fourth year, but here’s the catch: he was a first year GM while completing his final year of his engineering degree. Anyone who knows College Pro, knows how busy he must have been. After graduating, he moved to Ottawa to run Eastern Canada with a rookie window cleaning GM. Then, the opportunity came knocking to move to Montreal as regional business manager. Will was instrumental in re-developing and growing Quebec franchises, along with the leadership team there. He came back to Toronto after a couple of years, and transitioned into a role called “strategic initiatives”. Will helped work to develop special projects that eventually evolved into what we now call the ELM school. His claim to fame at College Pro was really his interest in integrating technology into existing structures, such as online training, improved GS&R forms, and anything else to make it stronger, better and faster.

Since then…

When Will left College Pro he started a cleaning company, hoping to automate the booking process for cleaners. It allowed customers to review cleaners online, book online, and make the process more efficient. KISS cleaners started taking off and doing commercial work, but in the end, Will decided he wanted to work in a role that allowed him to grow, and help others grow.  Enter, consulting.  He connected with two other College Pro alumni, Casey Clark and Dan Gramann, who had started HFI Consulting. Their company provides consulting for small and medium sized businesses, helping them grow. They use their College Pro coaching skills every day, connecting with already successful businesses that just need some growth. Will focuses on the technology side, implementing new systems in businesses, and automating and accelerating the businesses.

What does being alumni mean to you

Fun fact: Will was actually the person who came up with the name ‘CPaffinity’. His current work with other College Pro alumni speaks to how much he values the network of people he has an automatic connection to because of College Pro. “I love meeting people who understand what we’ve done to get to where we are. We understand what to expect from each other, we speak the same language, and we have the same approach to business. I trust College Pro alumni – my insurance broker, my realtor, and so many others are fellow alum.”

Interesting tidbits

  • Will loves trying new things, and recently started tennis lessons for the first time “it’s fun to be at the beginning of something again”
  • Will also has a 2 year old son, Carter, who he dedicates as much time as possible to

Will MacMillan


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