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SPENCER TURBITT: iApotheca Healthcare

Rookie Year: 2012
Turfs: Port Elgin & Owen Sound, ON
Current Home: Mississauga, ON
Education: University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Current Role: CEO & Co-founder, iApotheca Healthcare

From College Pro to Startup CEO

Spencer Turbitt connected with his co-founders, Younis, Rachelle and David while running their College Pro Painting franchises to start iApotheca Healthcare. The company aims to streamline pharmacy operations around Canada to reduce errors and increase revenues.

Featured on CBC’s Next Gen Den pitching their pharmaceutical software startup.

Watch the episode (@ 6:25)

Next Gen Den Pitch

Next Gen Den Pitch

Chatting with Spencer at iApotheca HQ

Watch Video (1:20)

College Pro also got a chance to sit down with Spencer in February 2017 to ask about his College Pro experiences impacting his work at iApotheca. We’d love for you to hear what he said, straight from him in this video!

“Personal development was also a huge thing that College Pro helped me with.   I started to learn how to build confidence in myself and what I was doing…”




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