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RYAN MARTYN: Cannabis Processor

Ryan isn’t your typical College Pro alumnus – he’s had the exciting experience of being on the forefront on the Legalization of Marijuana in Oregon. He shared his thoughts on the whole ‘Legalize It’ thing, and what he’s been up to since his window cleaning days.

Education: Central Oregon Community College
Rookie Year: 2010 (Portland, OR)
Current Home: Bend, OR

Ryan had a great experience as a College Pro franchisee, and embraced the motto of ‘Together, Realizing Potentials’ wholeheartedly.

“I went into it as a 19 year old and had no idea what it meant to run a business. There were a lot of ups, a lot of downs and a huge rollercoaster of emotions”. Despite being nervous to start (actually, I think he used the word ‘ terrified’), Ryan ended up being #2 in sales in the Window Cleaning division. “College Pro really provided a template to success. I just followed directions and asked a lot of questions”.

What’s up these days?

Ryan is currently finishing a degree in drafting, and has worked at an engineering firm in the sales department, however it is his unique interest and role in the cannabis industry that stood out to us. His efforts in legalizing cannabis have been his primary source of income since leaving College Pro, and he has done work in processing, harvesting, farming and sales. After leaving his three-year career as a College Pro franchisee, Ryan went to work with some friends that were involved in the cannabis industry.

College Pro skills – do they apply?

Ryan has used a whole lot of College Pro skills in his years since being a franchisee. As someone in sales, he had to think about marketing, packaging and structuring a business. “It was frustrating because I had just left a very formal, hands-on business experience, and while there was a lot of positive stuff happening in the industry when I started out, no one had experience in business before. I wouldn’t describe the pioneers of the weed industry as particularly business savvy, so I had to adjust”. Ryan also highlights that simply having the experience of running his own College Pro franchise earns him a lot of respect.

So… Legalize It?

“In Oregon, we’re pretty relaxed, casual and progressive, so that’s been a big part of how we’ve gotten here. Before it was legal it was very unregulated. There was this huge grey area, where if you had a medical permit, you could get access very easily. Most of the weed was being produced out of state, too, so there weren’t many quality regulations. Now that it’s done in Oregon, it’s legal, regulated, and eliminates the black market. It’s carefully tracked and a whole lot safer for consumers. Plus, stores and businesses are popping up, paying good tax money that’s being spent on really positive things in Oregon. It really is creating an industry, providing good jobs and fair wages.”

Interesting Tidbits

  • Ryan has been able to travel a lot in his work, most favorably to Peru!


  • Ryan once got to go to Atlanta with College Pro thanks to his high net promoter score. He got to discuss brand experience and customer service with all of the sister companies, which was pretty cool considering he was the youngest guy there – it’s his favourite memory!







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