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RICH PARKER: Miles and Parker LLP

College Pro provided Rich with two things that he’ll be forever grateful for: a kickstart to his career, and an introduction to his wife (in no particular order, of course). He’s an advocate for all things College Pro and entrepreneurship, and only wishes College Pro was in his neighbourhood for his own kids to get involved!

Education: University of Delaware (B.S.), University of Wisconsin-Madison (J.D.)
Rookie Year: 1984 (turf: Philadelphia)
Current Home: Philadelphia, PA

His Cross-Country College Pro Story

Rich was a franchisee in Philadelphia for 2 years, and won the award for best franchise in the US in his second year. “I loved, loved, loved having my own business!” Due to his success, he moved the following year to Vancouver to become a general manager for a couple of years. Since the US still needed more growth, and he was performing, College Pro quickly asked him to move to Boston, and 2 more years later, he ended up in Colorado. While that may have been it for his formal employment with College Pro, after starting his own law practice, College Pro was his first customer! He did legal work for the company for over 10 years all over the US.

College Pro gave Rich a huge competitive advantage…

Not every law school graduate can start their own practice just 3 years after graduating. He started his current company, Miles and Parker LLP, as well as a title insurance agency called Black Acre Land Transfer. He also went back to his roots a couple of years ago in home care, by starting a lawn care business called Clubhouse Lawns. “The ability to start a small business from scratch, to really just start at the absolute beginning with 0 customers or clients and build profit from a single idea…that’s how it kick-started my career”.

His thoughts on entrepreneurship…

“When you’re an entrepreneur, you still work for other people…you work for your customers and your clients. It’s less risky than working for somebody else, because you have so much incentive. It’s so rewarding, because your values are what you operate your business on, not anybody else’s.”

Interesting Tidbits

Rich and his wife (a friend of Tony Valle’s from the golden days) have restored 2 old houses, and done all the painting themselves

His favourite memories come from getting together with all of his painters on Fridays after a really good week and handing out paychecks!

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