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Current Role: Operations Manager
Rookie Year: 2007
Turf: Kingston, ON
Current Home: New York City, NY
Education: Queen’s University, Commerce & University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management, MBA

Pardeep and College Pro

“College Pro for me was a critical turning point in my life. I was debating business or med school, but after a summer with College Pro I realized I loved business”. What Pardeep especially loved was growing a business out of nothing, and making it real. He loved having a tangible reward after hours (hundreds of them) of hard work. Pardeep believes that College Pro taught a lot of fundamental skills that will help with every job he has in the future. It was first entrepreneurial experience that had him itching to do more!


Oh, the memories…

Pardeep’s most prominent memory is not necessarily a happy one, but it was memorable one indeed! He and his team got a $22,000 paint job that had a tight time limit; so getting it done was a huge challenge. He had to get every painter involved in order to make the short turnaround. However, when he went to cash the check…it bounced. It popped into his mind because eventually he got it sorted out, and got the money, but for a while it was pure terror. Pardeep worried about making payroll, paying bills, and more, but he got through it! He even drives by the house sometimes just as a reminder.


Hustle and deliver…

Pardeep talks about College Pro hustle, meaning that our people work hard for their sales. Sales is something that gets a bad reputation, but for him, overcoming that fear of cold calling was huge. “I realized that sales is just about asking good questions and finding solutions to needs.” Pardeep learned about incentives at College Pro, and how to motivate both himself and his teams. “College Pro coached me to create clear goals and strong deliverables.”


UberEats around the world

Toronto was the first city in the world to launch the UberEats app, which Pardeep helped launch. He took charge of all operational challenges like finding drivers and couriers, management, and getting food a destination safely. Toronto was also a test city for user experience, which Pardeep takes seriously. After 6 months of expanding the Canadian market, Pardeep moved to New York to launch UberEats to more cities. New Delhi, where he was at the time of this call, is Pardeep’s 12th city launch. It has been the perfect setting to grow that entrepreneurial mindset.

Initially, after an undergraduate degree in business and an MBA, Pardeep wanted to go into management consulting. After a few months of it, he gained an interest in doing what he’d learned for big businesses, for startups. Startups had a unique set of challenges for a consultant to tackle – they were cool problems to have. Pardeep does say, “College Pro isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s a proven training ground to challenge yourself and develop key skills.”


 Life Updates

Pardeep loves to travel, read a good book, and hang out with his friends

He has also started meditating on a regular basis


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