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NATHAN GREIDANUS: University Professor

Education: University of Calgary
Current Home: Winnipeg, MB

Specializing in Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Finance and Strategic Management.

Nathan Greidanus is a professor of entrepreneurship at the Asper School of Business at University of Manitoba. He has undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Finance, an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a PhD in Strategic Management (you know, the usual). His impressive research and teaching focus is on innovation and sustainable development. He studies with emphasis on the environment, human well-being, indigenous people of Canada and economic inequality. He is a seven-time award winning teacher and the former chair of the MBA committee. Nathan is published in journals such as the Journal of International Business Studies. Previous to his time as a teacher, Nathan worked in the investment banking industry and ran his own business development consulting company.

Of course, he started it all by running a College Pro franchise, which helped him publish his first article on “Positive Entrepreneurial Failure”. This discusses the benefits of failings as an entrepreneur. Anyone running a startup, College Pro or otherwise, is familiar with some degree of failure. It takes the strongest people to recognize that sometimes failure is the only way to reach success.

NathanG Family

Interesting Tidbits

Holds both Canadian and Dutch citizenship

Nathan spent a year in Costa Rica and Nicaragua volunteering

Nathan is married with three kids

He Tweets a lot of interesting stuff! Check it out

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