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We love the way Matt describes College Pro: “Dynamic and Robust”. Matt faced the same challenge many young people do when entering university; paying for it. He needed an opportunity that would help support him through his education, and College Pro was just that.

Education: Illinois State University & DePaul University Graduate School of Business
Rookie Year:
1998 (Chicago)
Current Home: 
Greater Chicago Area, IL

From Speech Class to College Pro

Matt sat next to someone in one of his freshman classes who had done College Pro. It was a speech class, and his classmate did his on what he had done his previous summer. Matt tracked him down after class to find out how he could get involved, and luckily enough, there was an active recruiting process on campus. He jumped right in, and held the record in Illinois for production for a while. “More than anything, my story of College Pro is one of great respect for what it is, great thanks for how much it set me up in my career to go on to other things. I see so much value in what College Pro trains young people to do, and it’s frankly a shame that there isn’t a line out the door every fall and spring for people to sign up. It’s that phenomenal of a program”.

Matt in 2016

Matt currently works at CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate firm. “There’s a College Pro tie into how I got into this industry. I was driving downtown from the suburbs of Chicago in my production vehicle (covered in paint) and I was watching the skyline as I drove. I thought… if I can sell a paint job for a few thousand dollars, I wonder what commission I could earn if I sold one of those buildings. It was in this moment that I hatched a plan for my life.” Matt was hired right out of school by a firm that was eventually purchased by CBRE. He specializes in tenant representation, representing commercial real estate tenants in transactions, leases and purchases. He’s developed his niche in representing large institutional real estate holders like universities and hospitals.


“Despite being late for this call, College Pro taught me how to be professional and pay attention to the little things, like being on time and staying organized. College Pro gives you a lot of skills that people take for granted in the work force, especially being able to build a rapport with someone.” Matt thinks that the reason some people don’t succeed at College Pro is because of the management factor – “it’s hard coaching your peers and working those long hours and picking things up through trial and error.” He also highlighted some College Pro lines that we’ve all heard: deliver on your promises, under promise and over deliver, and always be selling.

His Favourite CP Memory… in Europe

After Matt’s third season with College Pro, he was able to earn enough through his business to take a semester abroad and travel around Europe. “As a guy who wasn’t even sure he could pay for one year of college, it was pretty surreal to become the guy who could finance himself for months in Europe.”


Interesting Tidbits

He has a wife and two young kids

His guilty pleasure? Golf! He likes to play as much as humanly possible


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    • December 4, 2016

      Really nice Matt! Your early decision to commit to CP and stay the course earned great respect from your family as well as your peers. The CP experience was not an endeavor that was going to succeed on it’s own. You trusted the model and made it among the most successful franchises in the region. Along the way you also helped those willing to follow your lead. Proud that you have been recognized. Dad

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