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LIZ JONASSON: Owner, Absolute Home Services

Rookie Year: 1997 (Muskoka, Ontario)
Turf: Muskoka, Ontario
Education: The University of Western Ontario, Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)
Current Home: Burlington, ON
Current Role: Owner at Absolute Home Services

Liz & Her Role at College Pro

Liz started as a painter in Muskoka, Ontario for several years before becoming a franchisee. She ran her business from school, then became a field advisor for a summer after her three years running a painting franchisee. Liz moved on to become a general manager in Ontario for four years, as well as a transition business manager for a few years. She continued up the ranks becoming the vice president of Ontario from 2005-2010, and finally stopped her climb in 2011 when she took on the roll of senior vice president. An impressive College Pro career, if you ask us! 

Liz started Absolute Home Services in 2012.

The company serves as a ‘one stop shop’ for customers to find services such as painting, landscaping and handy-work. Check out their site“College Pro taught me everything that I know today” Liz says, as she got the confidence and the skills to start her own business while running her College Pro franchise.

“College Pro taught me everything that I know today”

At a franchise level, she says that the marketing, sales, leadership and financial understanding that she received was, and remains paramount in her entrepreneurial education. Her company has seen faster growth than most, and she credits that to her College Pro past. 
Check out this video to learn more about Liz and her company!

“Who run the world? Girls!”

Before Beyoncé sang about it, Liz was leading the most female dominant team that College Pro has ever seen (despite rumours that it’s a bit of a boys club) .  Her business unit, at every level, saw 40%+ female members, and she had a serious track record of retention and development.


Interesting Tidbits:

Her GM division was known affectionately as ‘The House of Skain’ with the slogan, “No Pain, No Skain” (her maiden name was Skain).

Wakeboarding, Skiing and hockey are among some of the sports she takes seriously

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