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Current Role: CEO of Bootkik
Rookie Year: 2006
Turf: Calgary, AB
Current Home: Calgary, AB
Education: University of Calgary, B.A. History

Before his College Pro days, Leighton spent his summers as a tree planter in northern Canada.

A family friend of his encouraged him to check out College Pro. “I was skeptical at first, but fortunately I made the right decision to meet with the general manager. He looked past my many faults and awarded me a new franchise in the late fall of 2005.” Leighton’s first year was a classic uphill both ways story, far from graceful, all grit. He found that he had a knack for running a business. After some early challenges he came out of his first year successful, and profitable. “At that time in College Pro the crazy number to hit was $300,000, and I wanted to be the first person to pull it off. My second year, with the help of an amazing team and great coaching, I crushed it at $440,000.” In his third year, Leighton also took on the new challenge of field advisor, while breaking $500,000 in his own franchise. From then on he moved up the ranks to general manager, business manager, and ultimately vice president of the prairies division.

“There are so many skills that I gained and honed in College Pro…way too many to list!”

Leighton considers College Pro a learning playground, and he played hard. Some of the most important lessons he learned were around the pursuit of meaningful goals, a preference for systems and processes, resourcefulness and selling. “In my full time role I gained skills in coaching, finance, conflict resolution and problem solving. They’re all invaluable skills that I use today.”

His favourite College Pro memory

As many of our alum say, Leighton has too many great memories to pick just one. Many include his brother Brandon, who also took on a College Pro franchise for many years. He looks back fondly on hitting the milestones, manager’s weekend, president’s club and more.

Today, Leighton serves as CEO and Co-Founder of a technology company called Booktik.

“We believe the largest market opportunity lies in increasing the productivity and success of the global small and medium-size business market place. Today, Bootkik is an intelligent, online platform that features an adaptive learning engine that creates customized learning paths for entrepreneurs, all while connecting them to community and resources.” Bootkik features business training delivered by over 100 entrepreneurs. Their artificial intelligence, machine learning and expert design insure that learning will fit every entrepreneur’s needs.

Bootkik’s latest news!

Leighton and the team at Bootkik have just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and are asking the community for help. Click here to spend even $1.00 to support them today.

Leighton’s Advice to anyone considering College Pro

“College Pro is a big decision. Entrepreneurship is really popular today, but you need to look past the mainstream noise and make a smart decision. If you say yes, get ready for a big challenge and a completely transformative process.”


More about Leighton

Leighton and his wife Stephenie live in Calgary

He has a Graduate Degree in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University

Feel free to reach out to him at or 403-389-4680

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    • November 9, 2017

      What a guy! Huge impact left on the company and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

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