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JUSTIN GRAHAM: Paul Davis Restoration

Current Role: Owner at Paul Davis Restoration
Rookie Year: 2000
Turf: Rochester Hills, MI
Current Home: Portland, OR
Education: York College, BASc

Justin and Entrepreneurship

Justin has always had an entrepreneurial spirit – he never liked the idea of reporting to someone else, and wanted to go into a career where he could benefit from a whole lot of hard work. He believes passionately in surrounding himself with smart people to drive business, and scale business. He’s accomplished a lot with this attitude, and College Pro is where it all started.

The College Pro Path

Justin was recruited by a high school friend who had been a College Pro franchisee. He ran his own painting franchise for a year, before becoming a general manager himself for three years in Michigan. “The thing I love about College Pro is the training. You learn best practices, and how to repeat them to take with you throughout your career. Everything from receiving coaching to giving coaching taught me all I need to know for the professional world”.

When asked about his favourite memory, Justin had one response:

“Isn’t what happens in College Pro, supposed to stay in College Pro?” #vegasrules

Justin has a hugely successful Paul Davis Restoration franchise

He’s in his 10th year of running the business, with just under 50 employees. They do full service restorations, and have one of the best facilities in the region. This year alone, Justin’s revenue will be $11 million. Congrats!


Interesting Tidbits

Justin has 3 kids, and he and his wife remain active coaching their soccer and basketball teams

He is a serious long distance cyclist

Justin loves fishing, hunting and hiking; a real outdoorsman

Most importantly, Justin has a unique stress-buster: tractor therapy. He sits on his tractor at the end of the day, until all of his worries are gone. He strongly encourages all of us to do the same.




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