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JOSH ISAAK: Breakthrough PT Marketing

Rookie Year: 2009
Turf: Langley, BC
Current Home: The Globe (but also, BC)
Education: University of British Columbia, Commerce, Real Estate | University of the Fraser Valley, Business Administration
Current Role: Partner, Breakthrough PT Marketing

Once Josh signed on to College Pro, he dove in headfirst…

Even before his official training started, he got 20 leads. “Through College Pro, I realized I had a really good skill for sales.” Then, as Josh put it, ‘all hell broke loose’. Despite his awesome numbers going into production season, he reached a low point as he tried to learn how to paint and produce a house; at the same time he was training his people. “It was one of the hardest times of my life. I worked non-stop, and I almost quit.” Luckily, he pushed through the pain and made it to President’s Awards as one of the top rookies. “College Pro was such an impactful time of my life. It was the pivotal start to my business career”.
Josh came back for two more years, booking $230,000 his second and almost $400,000 in his last year.

“I think College Pro is way more important than any business degree – it’s practical, and you learn what you’re good at.”

The Skills He Brought With Him

The number one skill Josh picked up at College Pro was selling. Learning and developing that skill is absolutely what brought him to where he is today, “Now, sales is what I do, and I’m the expert. It’s the best skill I can bring to the table.”

The Memories

Josh’s first College Pro President’s Awards was definitely the highlight – not only did he get to go to the Bahamas and play some beach volleyball, but he also used it as a key strategy of his business. He talked to the ‘top dogs’ to figure out how to get better, and used it as inspiration to grow his business further.

Now, Josh is a partner and head of sales at Breakthrough PT Marketing

…which helps physical therapists market their businesses, and coaches them to be business owners as well as physical therapists. He had a long journey to get there, though. First, after leaving College Pro and university, he applied his College Pro learning with a buddy to consult for an outdoor living distributorship, and doubled their revenue. Then, he reached a turning point when he was offered the position of VP of sales for a company, “I talked to a mentor and he said ‘there’s executive leadership, which you would get for, and there’s visionary leadership, which is what you are.” From there, he tried countless businesses and pursuits, and what taught him the most in all of that were his failures,

“It’s a pride hit, but failures are super important because you have to fail over and over again to figure out what works.”

Eventually, he met his business partners, and is now having great success!

Advice To His Rookie Self

“I would say, if you’re doing something really hard, and if you’re really struggling, you’re in the right spot. At College Pro I was always on the edge, and I learned that if you’re not there, then you’re probably not pushing hard enough. No matter how big the obstacle, entrepreneurs who make it are the ones who push past that level. It’s easy to quit, and a lot of people do, but if you decide to push past it all, you’ll live your dream.”

Interesting Tidbits

Josh loves to travel (he even called in from Columbia to have our conversation)

His goals for the year are to learn conversational Spanish, do some spear fishing, and try kite surfing



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