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In his first year post-College Pro Jon is (to put it simply) kicking ass. As a young real estate agent, he’s closing deals quickly, on his way to becoming as successful in that field as he was as a College Pro franchisee. After nine years with the company in one way or another, Jon most definitely is a proud College Pro alumni.

Education: The University of British Columbia, B.A. Human Geography
Rookie Year: 2009 (Toronto, ON)
Current Home: Toronto, ON

College Pro Backstory

Jon worked as a painter for College Pro in 2008 as a university student… for about two weeks. It turned out that he really didn’t like painting, however, he did like the looks of the franchisee role, and worked his way to the position after being a production manager for a year. In his first year as a franchising, Jon was received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, for doing the best in his division (“technically I would have been Rookie of the Year too, but they didn’t want to give me both”). He tried his hand as a general manager for a couple of seasons too, however he decided it wasn’t for him and went back to where he felt he could really shine as a franchisee and recruiter. After hitting $1,000,000 career sales in his fourth summer, he decided he was ready to take the next step in his career.


Favourite Memory

With nine years of experience behind him, Jon has a lot of memories. For some reason, the craziest one to pop into his mind was this, “it was my first year as a franchisee, and I went to a job site to visit my painters. They had been spraying, and using a lot of tape to get the job done. It was so much tape, that they rolled it into a massive ball…it was basically the size of my car. In order to fit it in my car to take it to the dump, we all had to jump on the roll of tape to squish it down. It was absolutely hilarious, but I realize now just how much tape we must have wasted!”

Where is he now?

Now, Jon is working for Zoocasa, a full service, in house real estate team supported by modern technology and marketing. Jon’s mission is to make a family’s search for a home faster, easier and more successful. Zoocasa wants to become the Uber of real estate, and is well on its way after being named by Canadian Business and Betakit as a tech company changing the industry. Despite the average real estate agent closing about three sales per year, Jon’s already closed eight (we told you he’s kicking ass). His College Pro ambition and skills definitely come into play. “It’s a longer sales cycle, but the basics of running a business are the same as selling a home. I think working in real estate is very entrepreneurial, which is why College Pro alumni are drawn to it.”


Interesting Tidbits

  • Jon has a dog named Zoey
  • He bought his first cottage in Muskoka (and recruited his College Pro buddies to help paint it)
  • Jon was a big brother for the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization in Toronto for three years

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