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JOHN BRADY: The Bulfinch Group

John is an enthusiastic member of College Pro’s alumni community, and he believes passionately that having success is less about the profit – it’s about the coaching, training, and work ethic that you develop as a franchisee. He started painting as a sophomore in high school, and he still paints the odd day when his wife asks for a touch-up in the living room.

Education: Fairfield University
Rookie Year: 1998 (turf: Bedford/Burlington, MA)
Current Home: Greater Boston Area

From Quality Painting to College Pro Painting…

When John was 13 years old, he got his first job as a stock boy in Cape Cod, earning minimum wage. He had an ‘aha’ moment when he realized that no matter how many bags of corn he hauled into the store, he would still be earning minimum wage. The following summer, he got his dad to teach him the basics of painting, and started painting houses for the neighbors. He said, “For my last two years of high school I realized I could make some real profit if I hired my friends to help me paint, too. I started my own company and called it ‘Quality Painting’”. When John got to University, he found a flyer for College Pro, “I realized if I kept up Quality Painting I would never get to learn myself. I could train my employees, but who was going to train me? The College Pro model seemed like the perfect fit to let me learn a ton.” John ended up signing on as a franchisee, and he stuck with it for three years.

Now, John is in the holistic financial services industry.

He is at a boutique firm called The Bulfinch Group. They’re world-class savers, and help their clients grow their wealth, and save it. John is Managing Director at the firm, and he spends a lot of his time looking for entrepreneurial candidates. He then coaches, trains and develops their candidates through a process not dissimilar to College Pro. 

John uses a lot of skills that he picked up in his time at College Pro.

“Probably the most important skill that College Pro reinforced was my entrepreneurial mindset. I don’t need someone telling me where to be and when to be there; if I have a passion and a goal, I can get there on my own.” John also highlighted the important skill of being the best at getting better, “it’s important to understand that there’s always somebody better in the business, and you just have to keep working to get there yourself”. Of course in more tangible ways, he learned a lot about time management, priority management, and people skills.

Favourite College Pro Memory

While of course there were the awards trips to Las Vegas and the baseball games at Fenway – John has a distinct memory of driving back to school every Sunday night as a franchisee. He had to miss a couple of nights of partying, but the feeling of satisfaction driving back from a weekend of cold calling was so worth it, “I would spend my weekend giving estimates and booking jobs, and my entire drive I would just think about how much money I had just booked for my summer. It didn’t matter that I had missed a few nights with my friends, because I knew I was way ahead.”

Interesting Tidbits

John is married with two boys, and another on the way

He is a gym rat, and likes to stay in shape

His life is all about family now, whether it’s birthday parties or little league


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