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JEFF KENDREW: Category 12 Brewing

Current Role: Sales Manager
Rookie Year:
Turf: Coquitlam, BC
Current Home: Victoria, BC
Education: University of Victoria 

Jeff was a late hire at College Pro, but he stuck around for 5 years

It wasn’t a typical recruitment process – Jeff’s dad had heard of College Pro from a friend, and pushed him to contact a manager in February 2004. “My dad’s friend had told him that if he wanted his kids to succeed in life, they should either work at McDonalds or College Pro”. A lot of the turfs were taken, so Jeff had to ferry to his turf each weekend from school. “I liked the sounds of it because it was so entrepreneurial, and that’s something I valued because of a family history.” Jeff definitely seemed to like his time at College Pro, because after 2 years of running a franchise he continued on as a field advisor and general manager for 3 years.

His Favourite College Pro memory

“I had a painter who was doing some cold calling for me, and he was my youngest hire. He was super into hip hop and wrote a rap about me and College Pro – it was hilarious.” Jeff couldn’t find the rap, but his favourite line? “Not trying to rush ya, just trying to pace ya”

From a selling standpoint, the most important thing Jeff learned was to ask for the job

“For my role, it’s more like asking for the order. We work in a relationship based industry, with so many long-term customers. Sometimes there’s a risk of focusing so much on the relationship, that you forget to ask for the order.” Jeff says College Pro developed him to think of sales as a process, and always asks himself “What Would College Pro Do?”

Jeff is passionate about craft beer

While he appreciated the learning and development he gained at College Pro, painting was not how he wanted to channel that entrepreneurial spirit. Instead, he dug into his passion for beer. He started with Lighthouse Brewing Company, a smaller brewery, before being recruited into the larger Vancouver Island Brewing company. Eventually, he wanted to back to his entrepreneurial roots and joined a startup called Category 12. Now, Jeff is a sales manager for all sales outside of the brewery, and manages exports. He also has become the point person for coordinating events at the brewery.

An Expert

It’s not just that Jeff is passionate about craft beer – he’s also a certified expert. The Cicerone Certification has only been given to 100 Canadians (24 when Jeff received his). It makes Jeff an expert in his field, drawing positive attention to both the brewery and himself as a speaker. Read more about it, here!


Life Updates

Jeff’s favourite beer is the Disruption, a Black IPA from Category 12 (in fact, it’s the beer that convinced him to work for them!)

Jeff is married, and he and his wife Jolene have two daughters Brielle and Adelaide



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