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Jason is dedicated to training and coaching, whether that’s as a College Pro general manager, or as the vice president of a fitness company. His time at College Pro is full of memories, some bad, like losing ladders in the middle of the freeway, but mostly good, like overseeing the top performing business in the US. Here’s what Jason is up to now…

Education: University of Minnesota, B.S.
Rookie Year: 2003 (turf: Plymouth, MN)
Current Home: Minneapolis

Jason started with College Pro as a job site manager.

He got the bug and moved up to be a franchisee for two more summers. Jason was offered a position in Colorado as general manager, where he stayed for several years, and continued moving up the ladder as vice president in 2007. His team grew from being the smallest in the country to being the top performing, in just a year. All in all, he was with College Pro for 10 years.

College Pro Skills

“The biggest skill I got at College Pro would have to be problem solving. It gives you a lot of challenges all at once, so you learn to stay calm, keep your emotions out of problems, and never to get frazzled.” Jason highlights the importance of working with his team to stay level, as well as taking initiative. College Pro teaches you that if you want something, you better go out and get it!

Jason’s Company: Wellbeats

Wellbeats was started by ex-College Pro people who were friends with Jason, and wanted to start a business in conjunction with Anytime Fitness. After a couple of years getting started, Jason decided to join them in their venture. Jason has been with the company for 6 years now as a vice president. Wellbeats is a fitness tech company that creates and delivers fitness videos to gyms around North America. They partner with health clubs and all major applications on phones for their services. Have you ever seen a kiosk at your gym to select classes from? Chances are, that’s from Jason and Wellbeats. It’s a fast growing company that’s just out of the startup phase, and into their growth phase. Jason takes care of operations and client services.




Jason has a young family, with two sons at 3 and 6

He’s very interested in fitness – he stays active by running half marathons

Jason is a hockey enthusiast


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