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EVAN KRAMER: Boston Consulting Group

Current Role: Consultant
Rookie Year: 2006
Turf: Maple Valley, WA
Current Home: Nashville, TN
Education: Berklee College of Music (B.M.), The University of Texas at Austin (MBA)

Evan was a painter before he was a franchisee.

He understood the program, and a friend encouraged him to start a franchise. Evan got competitive – if his friend could do it, he could do it, and ultimately started as franchisee. It was a tough year, and Evan went 30 estimates in a row without booking a job. Eventually, it took off, and he still made President’s Club. His second year made it to Platinum. He took a few years off of College Pro, coming back as general manager after graduating. In the two years Evan was GM he was Rookie of the Year and Manager of the Year, and was promoted to business manager.


The social side of the company is what Evan loved most.

“I made such a great group of friends. We were rookie franchisees together, and we connected well. We’re still in communication all the time.” Evan particularly loved his Whistler trip of rookie year. All we know, is it may have gotten out of control. The best parties do!


There are two big skills that Evan can speak to at College Pro

The first is leadership, and second is self-direction. Leadership, especially as a general manager, showed Evan the importance of motivating as a coach. Additionally, it showed him how to transfer skills, work in different situations, and work with a team. He has a similar role now working with clients and direct reports. Self-direction is huge for Evan as well. “If you have an idea that you want to implement, no one will stop you, and you know what problems need to be fixed. Self-direction brings success, because it’s about finding problems to be fixed with consistent and creative solutions.”

Evan’s Career Trajectory

College Pro sparked something in Evan, and that something was problem solving. He chose to go into management consulting after College Pro, and started at Accenture. That experience showed him the value of an MBA. Now, post-MBA, Evan is working for Boston Consulting Group. He loves the constant strategy and focus, but also the variety in clients he works with.


Life Updates

Evan is an avid blues guitar player

Living in the South, Evan loves his BBQ and owns several smokers and seasonings

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