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DAVID STEVENSON: Flying Z Services, Sports Coordinator

When David walked into a class talk at 20 years old at the University of Washington, I don’t think he expected it to change his entire career. Now, as a small business owner and consultant, he credits all of those skills to one position (I think you can guess which one…)

Education: University of Washington, BA, Business
Rookie Year: 2003 (turf: Washington State)
Current Home: Steamboat Springs, CO

The College Pro Life

David jumped in to his franchise role headfirst. He wanted to run his own business (“who doesn’t, right?”) and was willing to do whatever it took to succeed. “I worked about as hard as I’ve ever worked in my life during that first year. I did well though, and I did it for 2 more years before I transitioned to general manager.” David spent another 3 years at College Pro as a GM, and after travelling South East Asia for 4 months; he took one final run at being a franchisee. In the end, he spent 7 years in the fam before it was his time to leave.

And since…

David moved to Steamboat Springs after his last season with College Pro because “it’s a resort town, so I can snowboard whenever I want”. He runs the sports programs for the city as a day job, and has a painting business on the side. He also does consulting work for the small business development center, where he consults with small business owners around town. He says his credentials for the role are almost entirely his College Pro coaching experience.


What’s his advice?

“Be ready to work your butt off and in doing so, learn as much as you can, as quick as you can.” He also says some of the best friendships of your life come from College Pro – so make a few friends!


Interesting Tidbits

  • He's been a best man at a College Pro wedding
  • Winter sports are what get him through the year




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