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DAVID SAVATSKI: Blue Bench Digital

Current Role: Owner & Web developer at Blue Bench
Rookie Year: 2010
Turf: Milwaukie, WI
Current Home: Bettendorf, IA
Education: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, BS, Organizational Communication

“For a while after College Pro I thought man, I won’t be able to be an entrepreneur again.

My wife was in school to be a pharmacist and I was unsure where our paths would go”, Dave said, “it’s nice though, because I realized I got a whole lot of skill development and a lot of relationships to help me out. Seven years later I still find chances to work with people from my division at College Pro”. David found his entrepreneurial roots again in 2015 after starting his own consulting business.

“I danced with the right woman at a wedding”

David’s wife encouraged him to dance with a woman at a wedding when he was 25 who ended up being a College Pro recruiter. They started talking about David’s career path, and she introduced him to a general manager. The next thing he knew… he was a franchisee. After a couple of years, he moved into a recruiting position too.

David always had a good time with his division

When it came to his favourite College Pro memory, David couldn’t narrow it down – whether it was a ball game, a cottage weekend, or any social event, David just enjoyed the relationships he had with his team.

“I used to think you had to sell your soul to be a good salesman”

David hated the thought of sales when he was younger, and had a hard time thinking about himself as a salesman. At College Pro, he soon realized that was not the case.

Selling is about picking up on people’s needs and getting to know others.

It opened up a whole new world of skill development.

David tried out a lot of career paths before starting his own business.

He was working at a non-profit before College Pro, and made the decision to leave when his wife became pregnant with their first child. As a recruiter, he was paid on a per hire basis, and he wanted something more stable. He got a job at Target, however retail was not his cup of tea. After trying some other things, David came to the realization that he was better suited for smaller teams and more technical work – so he took an online bootcamp for web development and switched into the tech industry. He’s been running his own freelance business ever since, while taking on job number one as a stay at home dad.

David’s favourite jobs are the ones that let him get to know people’s businesses in the most comprehensive way. As he builds his portfolio he gets to work with small businesses and entrepreneurs to help them build what they need.


More about David:

He has two kids, and loves life as a stay at home dad

His favourite client for his web consultancy? A former College Pro pal!

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