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DANNY KERR: Breakthrough Academy Inc.

In Danny’s world, entrepreneurship is the ability to visualize something, coupled with the ability to execute on that vision. With his College Pro training in hand, Danny set out to execute on his own vision, by helping other companies do the same.

Education: University College of the Fraser Valley, Criminology
Rookie Year: 2005 (turf: Abbotsford, BC)
Current Home: British Columbia

His College Pro Upbringing

Danny was running late for class when he saw a College Pro booth outside of the room. He’d heard of College Pro in a class talk and thought, “meh, I’m already late, what’s a few more minutes?”. Next thing he knew, he was running his own business. Danny was a franchisee for 2 years before moving on to become a general manager for 3 years, and a recruiting manager for another 2. He stuck with us for a long time – all because of that time he was late for class!

A.C.P. (After College Pro)

“College Pro is amazing, it changed my whole life. It brought me from being a kid raised on welfare, to someone who found success in life”. After leaving his 7-year College Pro career, Danny started as a management consultant. It wasn’t a perfect fit. “I felt over-prepared and underappreciated, and I wasn’t able to express myself for what my skillsets were. The basics of the job were too easy, but I had no experience in the challenges of the job. I think I had a bit of a College Pro hangover – it was an incredible 7 years, but I needed to figure stuff out before switching gears”. Danny then hit a tough time in his life when he lost his job as a consultant, at the same time as both his mother and grandfather passed away. It was also in those few weeks that he became a dad… and it was Christmas time. “My wife was taking care of our daughter and it was up to me to buckle up and make things happen.” Luckily, Danny already had a project in the works.

Enter, Breakthrough Academy

Danny started Breakthrough Academy with two otherCollege Pro alum as a training and development hub for home services companies. They help companies with financials, goal setting, organization, CRM services, employee training, recruitment, marketing, leads… the works!  They spend 1-2 years with each company implementing their changes, and holding them accountable. They also emphasize company culture and community with every business they work with. “It’s giving franchise-esque systems to non-franchise companies. Everything we do, we learned at College Pro.” In the first year after starting the company, Danny was able to make sure his wife wouldn’t have to go back to work, and by the second year the company had a million dollars of revenue. “There’s a lot of pride in that for sure. If there was any message in my story, I would say you aren’t a product of what happens to you, you’re a product of the decisions you make in those situations. Success isn’t easy, you need to work hard, and be humble.”


Interesting Tidbits

Danny loves white water rafting

He has been with his wife since he was 16 years old

He has two daughters

Danny’s favourite personal development? Learning how to be a dad.



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