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DAN GRAMANN: Brew Your Skill & HFI Consulting

50% Common Sense,  65% Comedic Relief, and 93% Skill Knowledge. This is how Dan describes himself – and while some may argue he’s being too hard on his comedy skills, no one would disagree that he’s winning in the skill development department. 

Education: UW-Milwaukee (B.B.A.), Marketing
Rookie Year: 2005 (turf: New Berlin, WI)
Current Home: Chicago, IL

Dan’s College Pro Story

He started his franchising days in 2005. His general manager described him as “an exceptional leader,” and a “well-respected employer.” He began showing an aptitude for coaching quickly, and aided in the success of other franchisees in the division with his support. He was quickly promoted to general manager himself after 2 summers running a franchise, where he remained for 3 years.

Life after College Pro

Dan stuck with the franchisor model when he moved to Paul Davis Restoration Inc. as operations manager, and then division manager. He was there for 4 years overseeing the company’s organizational structure, culture and talent placement. This only fuelled the fire for his coaching aptitude.

The Skill Development Guru

Dan identifies himself as a business growth and skill development guru – his two businesses specialize in helping other businesses reach their potential through Dan’s coaching, along with his business partners (check out Will McMillan’s spotlight!). Dan discovered this passion for coaching at College Pro and has continued to find ways to use this skill at HFI Consulting and Brew Your Skill. His consulting firm appeals to corporate leaders looking to develop teams, franchisors looking to add business skill training to their networks, and small business owners looking for a crash course in running their company. Brew Your Skill takes a different approach by appealing to corporate culture, creating business-training workshops that combine the skill development with a social and comedic event (oh, and a beer or two). See more, here!

Dan-Brew Your Skill Vid

Interesting Tidbits

  • Dan has won various awards from Rookie of the Year at College Pro to the Customer Service Award at Paul Davis
  • You can normally find Dan riding his motorcycle, kite boarding, or chugging a good micro-brew (sometimes all three at the same time)
  • Dan actually grew up wanting to be a teacher, and while coaching may not be traditional ‘teaching’ – it’s not that far off!
  • His business partners describe him as the “curious one” of the bunch – and he’s labeled the ‘Question Master’ by many in their workshops



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