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CHRIS CYR – Team O’Neil

Role: General Manager
Rookie Year: 2007
Turf: Wyoming
Current Home: Whitefield, New Hampshire
Education: University of Wyoming, B.S. Business Admin and Entrepreneurship

Like a lot of college kids, Chris was just trying to figure out what to do next.

He met with a College Pro general manager who told him about his options. “My first year was the hardest thing I’d ever done. It was the first time I felt like I was failing, but I learned through the struggle.” After his first year, he told himself he would never do it again. Somehow, 2 weeks later, he had signed on again to fix his mistakes! The second year was much better than the first, with happy customers and a good crew. Each year, it got easier, and he gained more confidence in running his business. He leveraged his experience into a full time role as general manager. “It was super stressful, but so rewarding.”

In his final year at College Pro, Chris tried to break College Pro Window Cleaning into the market in the US East Coast. He made a couple of mistakes, but it ended with him transitioning into his dream job. “When I left College Pro I was scared of what resources I’d lose. But when I left, I realized I’d been given everything I needed. I didn’t need the crutch, I was fully independent, and I appreciate College Pro for laying out the framework that I needed.”

His Career Path

Chris had long dreamed of building a rally-racing car. Within a month of leaving College Pro, he got a job offer at Team O’Neil Rally Car. Now, he manages the racing program, along with his role as Vice President of the American Rally Association. He manages the logistics of racing; the school, and the clients. If you’re not sure what rally racing is, it’s when you take a standard vehicle, make some adjustments, and drive it as fast as you can.

Advice to Franchisees

“For me, having been able to be at multiples levels in the business, I got to see a lot. The biggest thing was that people who succeed at College Pro have suffered. If you quit when things get hard, College Pro isn’t for you. The amount of benefits that College Pro offers is unlike anything else.”

Skills from College Pro that Chris uses today

Chris has implemented GSRs (Goal Setting & Review) where he currently works. He uses the facilitation skills he gained often, and created a conflict management process in his business. Last but not least, he uses the transition curve always when talking to employees.


Interesting Tidbits

If he’s not racing cars himself, he’s flying around the world for his clients and watching races. He recently went to Europe to buy a racecar for a client, valued at half a million dollars

He has a 2 year-old daughter and a brand new son with his wife

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