Code of Conduct

CODE OF CONDUCT for members of Nov. 2014

In November, 2014, College Pro Painters Ltd. (operating names include: College Pro, College Pro Painters and College Pro Window Cleaning) launched as an online alumni community.


  1. To connect College Pro & Action alumni
  2. To foster development & career opportunities
  3. To evolve, as a user driven space, over time


Membership is open to all College Pro & Action alumni and staff, from 1971 onward.

College Pro / Action Alumni (definition): Anyone who has completed the operation of a College Pro Painters, College Pro Window Cleaning or Action franchise


Members of the community, while engaged in any capacity related to the community, are expected to uphold the highest standard of ethical behaviour and personal conduct at all times.


Any interaction that directly or indirectly includes harassment, discrimination, racism, sexual harassment, and heterosexism (the negative valuing and discriminatory treatment of individuals and groups who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual, those perceived to be so, and those affiliated with them) will not be allowed.


All members are at liberty to contribute opportunities to the marketplace.

Opportunities include: career opportunities, development opportunities, consultation opportunities and products or services for sale.

Frequency: each unique opportunity should appear in the marketplace only once at any time. Renewal posts may be made once an old post has expired – this will allow for equal opportunity by all members.


  1. Spam – flooding the space with a high volume of the same message
  2. Redundant, concurrent posts about a unique opportunity



If any member sees a user who should not be allowed (i.e. did not run a franchise) or conduct or content that is unacceptable (see above: unacceptable conduct and unacceptable content), please report it to the site administrator immediately. Contact: