Ryan isn’t your typical College Pro alumnus – he’s had the exciting experience of being on the forefront on the Legalization of Marijuana in Oregon. He shared his thoughts on the whole ‘Legalize It’ thing, and what he’s been up […]
Graham’s favourite part about being an alumnus? Knowing that he’s ready to take on the real world because of his College Pro skills, coaching and community. He’s one of our youngest spotlights, so it’s only up from here! Education: University […]
Try, fail, learn, repeat.  Then totally crush things like Cathy did.   She believes that her key to success was her ability to sell. Now, she works in B2B sales with IT giant Cisco and is carrying that experience with her. She’s a […]
In Danny’s world, entrepreneurship is the ability to visualize something, coupled with the ability to execute on that vision. With his College Pro training in hand, Danny set out to execute on his own vision, by helping other companies do […]
John Chayka recently spoke with Naylor & Landsberg on their TSN 1050 – Toronto radio show about his experiences with becoming the youngest ever general manager of an NHL team. Listen to his interview here (Chayka starts @ 14:05!) Naylor: “…how […]
Jason is dedicated to training and coaching, whether that’s as a College Pro general manager, or as the vice president of a fitness company. His time at College Pro is full of memories, some bad, like losing ladders in the […]
Kevin is an owner and operator of MIRA Floors & Interiors, which provides flooring and installation to the insurance restoration, property management and builder industries. He’s certainly familiar and maybe even a downright expert with the franchise system after a […]
College Pro provided Rich with two things that he’ll be forever grateful for: a kickstart to his career, and an introduction to his wife (in no particular order, of course). He’s an advocate for all things College Pro and entrepreneurship, […]
We love the way Matt describes College Pro: “Dynamic and Robust”. Matt faced the same challenge many young people do when entering university; paying for it. He needed an opportunity that would help support him through his education, and College […]
As one of the Top 30 under 30 realtors in the industry, Benn brings an entrepreneurial mindset to his every day work. His business has been in the family for 70 years, but his College Pro background gives him a leg-up […]
Andrew was born an entrepreneur. He started a little landscaping business in high school, and knew he wanted to do more once he got to college. He got involved the way a lot of people do, a class talk, but […]
Julie started her College Pro career “so young and so dumb” (her words, not ours!) but has worked her way up the ladder to become a successful real estate agent. She firmly believes that College Pro set her up to […]
Mary Mowbray is a role model for business and feminism, and all the ways the two can be combined. With early entrepreneurial roots as a College Pro franchisee, Mary has established herself as an incredible leader in real estate and […]
Current Role: Consultant Rookie Year: 2005 Turf: New Berlin, WI Current Home: Chicago, IL Education: UW-Milwaukee (B.B.A.), Marketing Dan’s College Pro Story He started his franchising days in 2005. His general manager described him as “an exceptional leader,” as well as a “well-respected employer.” […]
This guy has heart.  While his professional life has deep roots in the College Pro family, his global volunteerism is leaving a legacy for his children and his community. Education: Boston University (B.S.) Rookie Year: 1985 (turf: Newton North, Boston) Current […]
When David walked into a class talk at 20 years old at the University of Washington, I don’t think he expected it to change his entire career. Now, as a small business owner and consultant, he credits all of those skills to […]
No stranger to the world of franchising, Rich Wilson has been a leader at 5 different franchise companies . He’s a big believer in the value of failure, but not when it comes to his skydiving parachute. His investment in his people […]
Education: University of Calgary Current Home: Winnipeg, MB Specializing in Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Finance and Strategic Management. Nathan Greidanus is a professor of entrepreneurship at the Asper School of Business at University of Manitoba. He has undergraduate degrees in Psychology and […]
Damond flew to success after his College Pro career with a position at Boeing (pardon the pun). But seriously, Damond himself calls his time as a franchisee his springboard to where he is today, and it looks like it’s only […]
How to sum up Kevin’s College Pro years in 4 words? “A lot of learning.” For a guy who was on the corporate track, Kevin’s life sure changed after two summers running a painting franchise. Education: Huron University College & Ivey […]
After becoming best friends in high school and before becoming college roommates, Chris Foster started his College Pro story painting for none other than College Pro CEO, Tony Valle. He later proved himself a successful franchisee, and has gone on to […]
When Will started as a College Pro franchisee, it’s safe to say he had no idea just how much it would influence his future. Now, as a consultant, he uses his College Pro skills daily, and is so close with […]
Steve is one of the OG* managers in the College Pro Window Cleaning family. After leaving his role, he went on to become CEO and family man extraordinaire. *original Education: Western University, Economics / Queen’s University, MBA Rookie Year: 1986 […]
With a mother and brother both owning their own businesses, it’s no surprise that Tony has entrepreneurship running through his veins. After 5 years at College Pro, he is now the founder and principal of a leading energy solutions company, Education: University of […]