This guy has heart.  While his professional life has deep roots in the College Pro family, his global volunteerism is leaving a legacy for his children and his community. Education: Boston University (B.S.) Rookie Year: 1985 (turf: Newton North, Boston) Current […]
When David walked into a class talk at 20 years old at the University of Washington, I don’t think he expected it to change his entire career. Now, as a small business owner and consultant, he credits all of those skills to […]
No stranger to the world of franchising, Rich Wilson has been a leader at 5 different franchise companies . He’s a big believer in the value of failure, but not when it comes to his skydiving parachute. His investment in his people […]
Nathan Greidanus is a celebrated professor and expert of entrepreneurship at the University of Manitoba. It’s evident that he’s a favourite of his students (thanks for the intel, ratemyteacher), and has a passion to change the world with his specialization […]
Damond flew to success after his College Pro career with a position at Boeing (pardon the pun). But seriously, Damond himself calls his time as a franchisee his springboard to where he is today, and it looks like it’s only […]
How to sum up Kevin’s College Pro years in 4 words? “A lot of learning.” For a guy who was on the corporate track, Kevin’s life sure changed after two summers running a painting franchise. Education: Huron University College & Ivey […]
After becoming best friends in high school and before becoming college roommates, Chris Foster started his College Pro story painting for none other than College Pro CEO, Tony Valle. He later proved himself a successful franchisee, and has gone on to […]
When Will started as a College Pro franchisee, it’s safe to say he had no idea just how much it would influence his future. Now, as a consultant, he uses his College Pro skills daily, and is so close with […]
Steve is one of the OG* managers in the College Pro Window Cleaning family. After leaving his role, he went on to become CEO and family man extraordinaire. *original Education: Western University, Economics / Queen’s University, MBA Rookie Year: 1986 […]
With a mother and brother both owning their own businesses, it’s no surprise that Tony has entrepreneurship running through his veins. After 5 years at College Pro, he is now the founder and principal of a leading energy solutions company, Education: University of […]
Steve Target is a one of the many firm believers that College Pro is an amazing foundation to any career. His pride for his “real world MBA” from College Pro, is almost as strong as his pride in his music library. Education: Penn […]
Rosemary, or Ro, and her husband Martin are two of our impressive alumni who have conquered the world (quite literally) together.  She’s navigated a diverse and interesting career that has included everything from consulting, to coffee with sultans, but it all started […]
In the few years since he graduating from the Richard Ivey School of Business, Ernie has started an illustrious career in consulting, taking him from London, Ontario to London, England. In his spare time he likes to cook, and according to […]
He’s a serial entrepreneur who likes to stay active, whether it’s shredding on the ski slopes or killing it in his multiple investments and business ventures. He left a great legacy at College Pro, and is continuing to build on […]
A master of balancing unlikely things: chemistry and business, academics and football, CP franchise operations in 2 cities, 6 hours apart, Jeff made it all work.  He is also a huge fan of his College Pro experience, because while we all know […]
After an 8 year run at College Pro, Mike is now an owner at Handyman Connection, where he continues to be a standout (and award winning) franchisee. When he’s not making gains in his business, he’s making gains at the gym.  PS, […]
Paul is a huge believer in the College Pro experience for the individual that is strong enough – because you have to be strong. He stands by the program and believes that it is a phenomenal transitional experience into life. […]
With offices in Amsterdam, Beijing, Berlin, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Toronto and Shanghai, David is the Executive Director for Avazu, North America – a leading multinational corporation in the digital marketing space. He oversees operations in Los Angeles and Toronto. He […]
You think you know wine?  Christine knows wine.  After studying entrepreneurship and getting her ‘Real World MBA’ as a College Pro franchisee, Christine followed her passion for wine and began a career in wineries and vineyards. Education: Oregon State University Rookie […]
“College Pro is all about opportunity” in the words of Jason Erwin – real estate guru, finance whiz and proud alum. Education: Central Washington University Rookie Year: 2003 (turf: Seattle, WA) Current Home: Greater Seattle Area College Pro Beginnings… Jason ran a franchise for […]
Charlie faced an “oh crap” moment as a self-supporting University student when he lost his summer job. Faced with no alternative, he attended a College Pro recruiting session, and has never looked back. Now, as the CEO of FirstService Brands, Charlie sees […]
He was chosen to participate in an exclusive entrepreneurial incubator, he got the job at Facebook, and now he’s pursuing his MBA.  Learn more about Duncan’s recent history and what he reminisces about from his College Pro days. Education: The University of […]
Saul is his name, and travel seems to be his game. With his business endeavors taking him from Vancouver, to East Asia, to San Francisco and London, it seems as though he is conquering the world one city at a […]
Jennifer was raised by entrepreneurs and continued the family legacy upon starting her first College Pro business. Since then, she’s done nothing but continue to build and develop businesses with her bare hands. Education: Carleton University Rookie Year: 1986 Current […]