Current Role: CEO of Bootkik Rookie Year: 2006 Turf: Calgary, AB Current Home: Calgary, AB Education: University of Calgary, B.A. History Before his College Pro days, Leighton spent his summers as a tree planter in northern Canada. A family friend […]
Current Role: Sales Manager Rookie Year: 2004 Turf: Coquitlam, BC Current Home: Victoria, BC Education: University of Victoria  Jeff was a late hire at College Pro, but he stuck around for 5 years It wasn’t a typical recruitment process – […]
Current Role: General Manager Rookie Year: 1999 Turf: West Platte Current Home: Lawrence, Kansas Area Education: Kansas State University, Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science “I think entrepreneurs develop autonomy, become the engine of all growth, and better the world” Buck […]
Title: Small Business Owner Rookie Year: 2009 Turf: Huntsville, ON Current Home: Lynchburg, VA Education: Liberty University Love where you work, and the rest will follow. As a kid, Mike loved travelling up to Muskoka, a beautiful lake district in […]
Current Role: Owner at Paul Davis Restoration Rookie Year: 2000 Turf: Rochester Hills, MI Current Home: Portland, OR Education: York College, BASc Justin and Entrepreneurship Justin has always had an entrepreneurial spirit – he never liked the idea of reporting […]
Current Role: Operations Manager Rookie Year: 2007 Turf: Kingston, ON Current Home: New York City, NY Education: Queen’s University, Commerce & University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management, MBA Pardeep and College Pro “College Pro for me was a […]
Current Role: Consultant Rookie Year: 2006 Turf: Maple Valley, WA Current Home: Nashville, TN Education: Berklee College of Music (B.M.), The University of Texas at Austin (MBA) Evan was a painter before he was a franchisee. He understood the program, […]
Rookie Year: 1995  Turf: Winnipeg, MB Current Home: Vancouver, BC Education: The University of Winnipeg Current Role: Managing Director at WOW 1 Day Painting His take on Entrepreneurship… “The reason I have good perspective on entrepreneurship isn’t because I’m some smart, special guy, […]
Job Title: Co-founder, CEO (RightSleeve) & Chief Platform Officer (commonsku) Rookie Year: 1993 Turf: Rosedale, Toronto Current Home: Toronto, ON Education: Queen’s University, BAH, Economics/History Why does Mark love Entrepreneurship? It’s critical to our economy and our country. Mark is […]
Rookie Year: 1997 (Muskoka, Ontario) Turf: Muskoka, Ontario Education: The University of Western Ontario, Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) Current Home: Burlington, ON Current Role: Owner at Absolute Home Services Liz & Her Role at College Pro Liz started as a painter in Muskoka, […]
Rookie Year: 1981 Turfs: Sarnia, ON | Rhode Island | Northern Alberta Current Home: Toronto, ON Education: University of Toronto, Psychology | Queen’s University, MBA Current Role: CEO and co-founder, ExpertFile “When people ask me about entrepreneurship, there’s a lot […]
Current Role: Owner & Web developer at Blue Bench Rookie Year: 2010 Turf: Milwaukie, WI Current Home: Bettendorf, IA Education: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, BS, Organizational Communication “For a while after College Pro I thought man, I won’t be able to […]
Rookie Year: 2012 Turfs: Port Elgin & Owen Sound, ON Current Home: Mississauga, ON Education: University of Ontario Institute of Technology Current Role: CEO & Co-founder, iApotheca Healthcare From College Pro to Startup CEO Spencer Turbitt connected with his co-founders, Younis, Rachelle and David […]
Rookie Year: 2009 Turf: Langley, BC Current Home: The Globe (but also, BC) Education: University of British Columbia, Commerce, Real Estate | University of the Fraser Valley, Business Administration Current Role: Partner, Breakthrough PT Marketing Once Josh signed on to College […]
Rob has friends from College Pro dating back to his rookie year – friends that have stuck with him a franchisee, general manager, and some who’ve even gone on with him to California Closets. He represents the tight knit family […]
John is an enthusiastic member of College Pro’s alumni community, and he believes passionately that having success is less about the profit – it’s about the coaching, training, and work ethic that you develop as a franchisee. He started painting as […]
Rookie Year: 2007 Turf: Vancouver, BC Current Home: Toronto, ON Education: The University of Western Ontario; Bachelor in Management & Organizational Studies / The University of British Columbia; Bachelor in Economics and Political Sciences Current Role: Vice President Business Development & Strategic Marketing […]
Eric is a young alumnus, but he’s not short on experience. He’s headed up multiple entrepreneurial pursuits. Most recently, he’s been at the head of Planswell, a financial planning company that’s really taking off. He’s also been a part of […]
Brand championship embodies many things; you have to be a cheerleader, a protector, an innovator, a coach and most importantly, you have to live the brand. This is what Chris Drucquer has done consistently at CertaPro Painters, College Pro’s sister company, […]
In his first year post-College Pro Jon is (to put it simply) kicking ass. As a young real estate agent, he’s closing deals quickly, on his way to becoming as successful in that field as he was as a College […]
“It was a bit painful at first, but it was an incredible learning experience” is how Hyatt describes College Pro, and I’m sure many of our alumni can relate. After trying a bit of everything, from selling Hawaiian shirts at […]
From franchisee abroad to software startup, Elanna is proof that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Education: Saint Michael’s College, B.S., Business Administration, Management and Marketing Rookie Year: 2013 (turf: Portland, ME) Current Home: Boston, Massachusetts What’s she up […]
Ryan isn’t your typical College Pro alumnus – he’s had the exciting experience of being on the forefront on the Legalization of Marijuana in Oregon. He shared his thoughts on the whole ‘Legalize It’ thing, and what he’s been up […]
Graham’s favourite part about being an alumnus? Knowing that he’s ready to take on the real world because of his College Pro skills, coaching and community. He’s one of our youngest spotlights, so it’s only up from here! Education: University […]