Role: General Manager Rookie Year: 2007 Turf: Wyoming Current Home: Whitefield, New Hampshire Education: University of Wyoming, B.S. Business Admin and Entrepreneurship Like a lot of college kids, Chris was just trying to figure out what to do next. He […]
Current Role: Partner at Odgers Berndtson Rookie Year: 1989 Turf: Beaches, ON Current Home: Toronto, ON Education: Bachelor of Applied Arts in Public Administration from Ryerson University, Certified Management Consultant designation, attended executive education programs at INSEAD (Certificate in Digital […]
Current Role: CEO of Bootkik Rookie Year: 2006 Turf: Calgary, AB Current Home: Calgary, AB Education: University of Calgary, B.A. History Before his College Pro days, Leighton spent his summers as a tree planter in northern Canada. A family friend […]
Current Role: Sales Manager Rookie Year: 2004 Turf: Coquitlam, BC Current Home: Victoria, BC Education: University of Victoria  Jeff was a late hire at College Pro, but he stuck around for 5 years It wasn’t a typical recruitment process – […]
Current Role: General Manager Rookie Year: 1999 Turf: West Platte Current Home: Lawrence, Kansas Area Education: Kansas State University, Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science “I think entrepreneurs develop autonomy, become the engine of all growth, and better the world” Buck […]
Title: Small Business Owner Rookie Year: 2009 Turf: Huntsville, ON Current Home: Lynchburg, VA Education: Liberty University Love where you work, and the rest will follow. As a kid, Mike loved travelling up to Muskoka, a beautiful lake district in […]
Current Role: Owner at Paul Davis Restoration Rookie Year: 2000 Turf: Rochester Hills, MI Current Home: Portland, OR Education: York College, BASc Justin and Entrepreneurship Justin has always had an entrepreneurial spirit – he never liked the idea of reporting […]
Current Role: Operations Manager Rookie Year: 2007 Turf: Kingston, ON Current Home: New York City, NY Education: Queen’s University, Commerce & University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management, MBA Pardeep and College Pro “College Pro for me was a […]
Current Role: Consultant Rookie Year: 2006 Turf: Maple Valley, WA Current Home: Nashville, TN Education: Berklee College of Music (B.M.), The University of Texas at Austin (MBA) Evan was a painter before he was a franchisee. He understood the program, […]
Rookie Year: 1995  Turf: Winnipeg, MB Current Home: Vancouver, BC Education: The University of Winnipeg Current Role: Managing Director at WOW 1 Day Painting His take on Entrepreneurship… “The reason I have good perspective on entrepreneurship isn’t because I’m some smart, special guy, […]
Job Title: Co-founder, CEO (RightSleeve) & Chief Platform Officer (commonsku) Rookie Year: 1993 Turf: Rosedale, Toronto Current Home: Toronto, ON Education: Queen’s University, BAH, Economics/History Why does Mark love Entrepreneurship? It’s critical to our economy and our country. Mark is […]
Rookie Year: 1997 (Muskoka, Ontario) Turf: Muskoka, Ontario Education: The University of Western Ontario, Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) Current Home: Burlington, ON Current Role: Owner at Absolute Home Services Liz & Her Role at College Pro Liz started as a painter in Muskoka, […]
Rookie Year: 1981 Turfs: Sarnia, ON | Rhode Island | Northern Alberta Current Home: Toronto, ON Education: University of Toronto, Psychology | Queen’s University, MBA Current Role: CEO and co-founder, ExpertFile “When people ask me about entrepreneurship, there’s a lot […]
Current Role: Owner & Web developer at Blue Bench Rookie Year: 2010 Turf: Milwaukie, WI Current Home: Bettendorf, IA Education: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, BS, Organizational Communication “For a while after College Pro I thought man, I won’t be able to […]
Rookie Year: 2012 Turfs: Port Elgin & Owen Sound, ON Current Home: Mississauga, ON Education: University of Ontario Institute of Technology Current Role: CEO & Co-founder, iApotheca Healthcare From College Pro to Startup CEO Spencer Turbitt connected with his co-founders, Younis, Rachelle and David […]
Rookie Year: 2009 Turf: Langley, BC Current Home: The Globe (but also, BC) Education: University of British Columbia, Commerce, Real Estate | University of the Fraser Valley, Business Administration Current Role: Partner, Breakthrough PT Marketing Once Josh signed on to College […]
Rob has friends from College Pro dating back to his rookie year – friends that have stuck with him a franchisee, general manager, and some who’ve even gone on with him to California Closets. He represents the tight knit family […]
John is an enthusiastic member of College Pro’s alumni community, and he believes passionately that having success is less about the profit – it’s about the coaching, training, and work ethic that you develop as a franchisee. He started painting as […]
Rookie Year: 2007 Turf: Vancouver, BC Current Home: Toronto, ON Education: The University of Western Ontario; Bachelor in Management & Organizational Studies / The University of British Columbia; Bachelor in Economics and Political Sciences Current Role: Vice President Business Development & Strategic Marketing […]
Eric is a young alumnus, but he’s not short on experience. He’s headed up multiple entrepreneurial pursuits. Most recently, he’s been at the head of Planswell, a financial planning company that’s really taking off. He’s also been a part of […]
Brand championship embodies many things; you have to be a cheerleader, a protector, an innovator, a coach and most importantly, you have to live the brand. This is what Chris Drucquer has done consistently at CertaPro Painters, College Pro’s sister company, […]
In his first year post-College Pro Jon is (to put it simply) kicking ass. As a young real estate agent, he’s closing deals quickly, on his way to becoming as successful in that field as he was as a College […]
“It was a bit painful at first, but it was an incredible learning experience” is how Hyatt describes College Pro, and I’m sure many of our alumni can relate. After trying a bit of everything, from selling Hawaiian shirts at […]
From franchisee abroad to software startup, Elanna is proof that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Education: Saint Michael’s College, B.S., Business Administration, Management and Marketing Rookie Year: 2013 (turf: Portland, ME) Current Home: Boston, Massachusetts What’s she up […]