In January, 2017, College Pro Franchisees and staff traveled to Austin, TX for our annual Entrepreneur Summit & President’s Award Banquet. We prepared for our G.L.O.A.T. (greatest launch of all time), boned up on our skills, learned from industry experts, […]
Mike Savegnago and Chris Rutledge, both former College Pro franchise owners and General Managers cleaned up at the Handyman Connection 2015 Awards Banquet. Each recently became Handyman Connection franchise owners and have had some incredible early success. Chris Rutledge earned […]
In August, College Pro hosted a full-time staff conference in Detroit.  Yes, Detroit!  And we think you should go there too! With a goal to innovate and change as a company ourselves, we thought, why not visit a city that […]
If you’re in the market for a great speaker, may we introduce you to Adam Kreek! We brought him to the College Pro Entrepreneur Summit in January, 2015 — and our people absolutely loved him.  He spoke to our group about Mental Toughness as […]
It’s 2015, and we’re doing a lot more with video—who isn’t, right? Here’s a sneak peak of the type of communication we’re creating for our staff: For our future franchisees, here’s the kind of content we’ve been building: College Pro: […]
Former CP Alumni Dave Kraai and Nathan Jespersen have a Ribbon Cutting for their newly remodeled Anytime Fitness in Oakdale, MN. The festivities will kick off at 3:30 on Thursday, November 20th. There will be many College Pro alumni, the […]
Like any new site, the instant you’re live there are already changes you want to make. is no different. This site will evolve, overtime, to suit you (the alumni)! During development, we worked with an advisory group, and we already have […]
So what’s in the site name you ask? CP: popular abbreviation for “College Pro” (inclusive of Painting & Window Cleaning) affinity: a similarity of characteristics suggesting a relationship It’s short, sweet and rolls off the tongue.  It also speaks to the […]
Friends and Fellow Alumni: Do you remember the Transition curve? Sure you do.  We are in uninformed optimism with the CPaffinity launch and enjoying every minute of it.  We will ride the curve, have victories, make mistakes and innovate along […]
College Pro’s first ever alumni site is here! Invite all of your former College Pro peers (those who ran a franchise; painting or window cleaning) to join the site. FEATURES: 1. User Profiles 2. Network, to stay connected and find […]
We’re asking alumni to share experiences and tips that we can use in video content: to help articulate what College Pro really is, to the next generation. These are our first 5 videos, take a look: Advice from Alumni Real World Skills […]
Alumni often ask, “how are things back at College Pro?”  So we thought we’d share how things are looking as we wrap up 2014 closedowns. Biggest Win = Productivity.  Productivity is up by a significant margin across all business units, […]