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In August, College Pro hosted a full-time staff conference in Detroit.  Yes, Detroit!  And we think you should go there too!

With a goal to innovate and change as a company ourselves, we thought, why not visit a city that is in the process of doing just that?

ENTER, DETROIT + our theme Perform & Transform.  

To set the stage, we created a video trailer for our team.  WATCH HERE.


Where we stayed: Hilton Downtown – Fort Shelby

Fun sh*t for social events: we visited PunchBowl and Drive… but learned of the others while booking our events.
PunchBowl Social, karaoke, bowling, darts, shuffleboard & a killer ambiance
Fowling Warehouse, football bowling (ahem, Fowling)
Drive, ping pong club
HopCat, craft beer bar
The Whitney, paranormal dinners & more

Why we’d recommend Detroit: 
There’s a revival happening.
Prices are competitive.
Neat businesses are opening.
It’s not what you’ll expect – it’s better.
People are excited to host you!

Something different, for College Pro: INDUSTRY TOURS.

For the first time ever, in the history of College Pro Conferencing, we did some Industry Tours!  We reached out to local businesses that might have a story to share with us and/or a neat space to show us.  We found 4 businesses who welcomed us with open arms & split our group in 4, and sent them on their way.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.35.29 AM


GRAND CIRCUS: Coding bootcamps

DETROIT CREATIVE CORRIDOR CENTRE: Ensuring creative industries stay strong

DETROIT VENTURE PARTNERS: Backing seed and early stage startup teams with the grit, creativity, and passion to tackle and mould opportunity.

BRUCE TOUR: Tour the new downtown, with the “Detroit Ambassador,” Bruce Schwartz.


So, take a chance on “The D”.






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