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College Pro’s first ever alumni site is here! Invite all of your former College Pro peers (those who ran a franchise; painting or window cleaning) to join the site.

1. User Profiles
2. Network, to stay connected and find alumni
3. News Feed, for announcements, featured events and press release style content
4. Marketplace, to share opportunities, products and services.
5. Blog, for open member discussion (thoughts, opinions, reviews, etc.)
6. Events, to post upcoming events open to the CP alumni

1. Nostalgia section, for old pictures and ‘war stories’
2. Development section, for leadership development content
3. Request for Input section, to seek input from your CPaffinity peers*

*current category located in Markeplace, being pulled out as separate stand-alone section

Privacy Policy
& Code of Conduct located at bottom-right of site.

Questions & Issues can be emailed to

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