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Development In Progress

Like any new site, the instant you’re live there are already changes you want to make. is no different. This site will evolve, overtime, to suit you (the alumni)!

During development, we worked with an advisory group, and we already have updates in the plans. We’re calling them Phase 2, and development has started.

Phase 2 Updates:

  • ADD Directory, to help users navigate to areas of interest
  • ADD Development section, for leadership development content  
  • MOVE Request for Input, to get input from your CP peers*
  • CHANGE “News” to “Spotlights”, for alumni feature pieces (all other news moved to Blog)
  • ADD Nostalgia section, for pictures and ‘war stories’ — it will pull all “Memory Lane” images from profiles

*currently there is an RFI category located in Marketplace, being pulled out as separate stand-alone section.

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